Ares outdoor fire

Ares outdoor fire

Ares outdoor fire

Ares outdoor fire

Outdoor gas fireplace. Complete with all accessories supplied. The patio fireplace Hera is an attractive outdoor fireplace, suitable for the garden or balcony.

The Xaralyn terrace fireplace Ares is designed for outdoor use. Lounge and dining table, the perfect alternative to a wood burner. No smoke or sparks, no dragging with firewood! This compact outdoor fireplace is practically maintenance-free and delivered with a protective cover.

The firetable Ares is produced from a maintenance-free composite material with a wood structure. The unique composite material looks and feels like real wood but is much more durable. Each Xaralyn outdoor fireplace is finished by hand and therefore has a unique appearance.

The burners of our outdoor fireplaces are of high quality and made of stainless steel. The burners have electrical ignition (battery) and meet the highest safety requirements, should rain suddenly occur during use, the burner will automatically switch off.

All Xaralyn outdoor fireplaces are delivered including gas hose and gas pressure regulator.

Dimensions: 650 x 480 x 480 mm (HxWxD)
functions on propane gas (not included)

Material: Resin

  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Fuel: propane
  • Bottle size: max. 505 x 230 mm (Hx∅), filling up to 8 kg.
  • Heat output: 9 KW
  • Weatherproof and maintenance-free composite material


  • lava stones
  • cover plate
  • protective cover
  • gas hose
  • gas pressure regulator


  • Clean the burner annually with a cloth, if necessary use a light detergent (make sure that the gaps remain open, if necessary check with a wooden skewer).
  • Clean the electric ignition with a thin brush annually


  • 2 years